We have closed until further notice. Contact us via email: truenorthjerky@hotmail.com or phone: 734-475-1300


No Longer Accepting Wild Game

We will update this page once our schedule allows for more Wild Game. We apologize for the inconvenience.

New scheduling policy for drop-offs

True North Jerky and Foods has changed its deer and other custom meat processing policy. Please call 734-475-1300 to make an appointment for your wild game and other custom orders. All venison drop offs are to be made by appointment at the back entrance. 

Bring your completed order form to your appointment (call with questions)Hunters, please call 745-475-1300 to make a drop off appointment. All venison drop offs are made at the back entrance.

 True North Jerky and Foods further processes your wild game and other custom meat orders* into jerky, snack sticks, summer sausage and a variety of sausage recipes. Schedule your appointment today for your cleaned and de-boned meat cuts. Select from our many recipe and flavor options for your custom order – all flavors used in store product are available for custom orders. If you are looking for a deer processor, rather than a further processor,  in Michigan, please review the 'Commercial Meat Processor List' from Michigan DNR.

All wild game and custom orders are processed in separate batches, which means the meat you bring in to us is the meat you get back. Scroll down to see our pricing information.

*We reserve the right to refuse any meat


Regular Order       25 pounds raw weight               $126.00 (2 flavors $146.00)

Half Order             12 to 15 pounds raw weight      $ 84.00 1 flavor only

**Typically need a minimum of both back legs and one backstrap to yield 25 pounds of raw meat for jerky. Weights do vary by deer. Final product weight is less than the raw weight, due to water lost in the drying/cooking/smoking process.


Our suggestion for all venison sausages is a mix of 2/3 game meat and 1/3 pork. Types of sausage products and flavors are listed below:


Regular Order          25 pounds raw weight                $146.00

Half Order                12 to 15 pounds raw weight       $ 94.00


Regular Order           25 pounds raw weight                $126.00

Half Order                 12 to 15 pounds raw weight          $ 84.00


Regular Order              25 pounds                    $126.00

Half Order                     12 to 15 pounds            $ 84.00

 BREAKFAST SAUSAGE (1 pound bulk package)

Regular Order              25 pounds                    $ 105.00

Half Order                     12 to 15 pounds            $ 63.00

 Cheese added @ $5.00/lb.       Pork added @ $1.50/lb.

Any flavor used in-store product is available for wild game: 20 jerky flavors, 12 sausage/brat flavors, 6 snack sticks flavors.

All wild game is processed in separate batches, which means… The meat you bring us is the meat you get back

We provide a 72 hour window to pick up order after contacted, after which we reserve the right to charge $5 per day storage fee.

*The cooking/smoking step will result in some water weight loss


Jerky Flavors

  1. Bloody Mary - Just like the drink, Peppery, tomato-y and a kick of celery seed and onion.
  2. Corned Beef - Real, smoked corned beef – it’s salty, it’s savory, smoky and robust. It is delicious and to be enjoyed year round, not just on St. Patrick's Day!
  3. Devil’s Kiss -    “Devil's Kiss” is our hottest jerky - the heat of Ghost Chilis smoked to perfection.
  4. Garlic Beef - If you like garlic, you will love this smoky, garlicky beef jerky.
  5. Garlic Peppered Turkey - A great combination of garlic and black pepper give this turkey jerky an amazing flavor without much heat.
  6. Habanero - Our second hottest jerky. It is deliciously savory and warms as you chew, finishing with that signature habanero heat.
  7. Hickory Beef - Traditional hickory jerky, smoked with lots of flavor. One of our most popular!
  8. Hickory Buffalo - Traditional, hickory smoked buffalo (bison).
  9. Hickory Chicken - Traditional, hickory smoked chicken. Deliciously savory.
  10. Hickory Venison - Tender venison with a traditional hickory smoke.
  11. Hillbilly Pork - A little sweet, a little salty with a hint of spice.
  12. Homestyle Beef - A great traditional beef jerky, flavored perfectly for those new to beef jerky.
  13. Honey BBQ Chicken - Marinated in honey and BBQ spices. Sweet, smoky, tender and delicious.
  14. Hot Italian Beef - Traditional Italian flavor with an extra red pepper kick.
  15. Hot Mesquite Beef - Our mesquite combined with just enough extra heat.
  16. Maple Beef - Marinated in maple syrup, savory spices with a hint of heat - the sweetness is mild, allowing the mingling of spices to shine
  17. Mesquite Beef - An old time favorite. Smoky, tangy mesquite beef with a lingering, mild black pepper spice.
  18. Peppered Beef - Black peppered beef jerky. Lots of flavor
  19. Prime Rib Beef - This mouth-watering jerky will have you thinking you are dining at an expensive steak house. Salty and savory.
  20. Smokehouse Signature Beef - A signature flavor, a blend of spices, very robust with a slight, peppery spice.
  21. Sweet BBQ Beef - Tasty, sweet barbecue beef jerky. A great salty, sweet combination. 
  22. Sweet Heat Beef - The perfect combination of sweet, salt, smoke and heat.
  23. Sweet Heat Chicken - The perfect combination of sweet, salt, smoke and heat on tender, chicken jerky.
  24. Teriyaki Beef - A teriyaki dream - soy, ginger, onion, a little sweet and smoky.
  25. Teriyaki Turkey - A teriyaki turkey dream - soy, ginger, onion, a little sweet and smoky.
  26. Thai Spicy Sweet Chili - A little sweet with a little Thai inspired heat/spice; you will love the red chili pepper and garlic.