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About Us

John and Courtney Heller are the owner/operators of True North Jerky and Foods, a smokehouse, meat shop and specialty foods store in Chelsea, MI. John and Courtney are farmers and have a long history of working in the meat and food safety industries. 

At True North Jerky and Foods they make smoked meats and fish, authentic sausage recipes from around the world, many grill-ready bratwurst flavors and hot dogs, snack sticks, pulled pork, shredded turkey, ground meat mixes & patties; and deliciously crafted varieties of beef, turkey, chicken, pork, elk, bison and venison jerky to satisfy every palate.

 True North Jerky and Foods also carries specialty cheeses, cheese curds, steaks, roasts, specialty game meats, fish, chicken and a line of authentic Polish foods. Our spices, sauces and marinades selections are eclectic and appreciated by many.