Join the Club to receive a pound of our special jerky the beginning of each month.  Sign up yourself and/or buy a membership as gifts for family and friends.

COST: $80.00 to join. This gets you three deliveries of nine different jerky flavors.

 *Please note if you purchase online it is $70, plus $10 added for shipping for a total of $80.00**

jerky of the Month Club

January Flavors

1/4 pound – Hickory Beef

1/4 pound – Peppered Beef

1/4 Pound – Sweet BBQ Beef

1/4 Pound – Teriyaki Beef


February Flavors

1/4 pound – Homestyle Beef

1/4 pound – Maple Beef

1/4 pound – Prime Rib Beef

1/4 pound – Hillbilly Pork 


 March Flavors 

1/4 pound – Mesquite Beef

  1/4 pound – Garlic Beef   

 1/4 pound – Smokehouse Signature Beef

1/4 pound – Sweet Heat Beef